Mind’s Eye Productions is one of the only specialty-built audiobook / audio drama focused recording facilities in Maine, featuring 2 control rooms and 4 separate booths ranging in size (including a StudioBricks Acoustic Iso Booth). As a production house (working alongside our sister companies Dagaz Media and Pocket Universe Productions) we offer a full suite of project development, including:

  • Writing/story consulting
  • Studio/location recording
  • Post-production
    • Dialogue editing / restoration / reverb-matching
    • Sound design and scoring
    • Final mix / packaging for release
  • Distribution strategy (audiobook markets, podcasts, streaming, etc.)

Some featured gear includes:

  • Microphones – Neumann U-87 ai (3), Neumann BCM705, Rode NTG-3B (4), T.H.E. BS-3D Binaural
  • Outboard Gear – ART ProChannel II tube pre’s, Warm WA-412 pre’s, dbx 160a compressors
  • Interfaces/Software – Focusrite 18i20, Apogee Quartet, Allen & Heath ZED, ProTools 12
  • Monitors – JBL Series 3, Rockit 5, M-Audio B5, BeyerDynamic DT990 cans

We also record projects on-location throughout the world. Location recording is more like film than the traditional studio approach. A recordist with a portable sound kit follows the actors through real-world spaces to capture a sense of heightened realism. The result is an experience that feels utterly film-like as actors seem to debate, grapple, and fall in love all around your ears.

Our award-winning team of engineers, producers and sound designers are here to assist you in bringing any type of audio project to life.


Full Post-production

When producing audiobooks and audio dramas, we’re typically hired for a ‘soups to nuts’ approach wherein we follow the production all the way through to completion, including QC, proofing, and mastering.

A few tools of the trade:

  • NLE suite running ProTools 12+
  • Wide selection of plugins (favs include Izotope RX7 Advanced, AudioEase Speakerphone & Altiverb, Waves Platinum)
  • Over 2TB of sound effects and music for use in design and editing, as well as foley capabilities

Dialogue Editing

We excel at taking raw tracks and turning them into an edit packed with energy. Did you need to record source material in several locations? No problem! Thanks to RX suite, we can match acoustics across recording sessions, and remove extraneous noise (within reason).

We can also ‘worldize’ tracks: establishing characters into the story world thanks to Altiverb’s industry-standard simulated environments. We build our sessions such that the sound designer (whether us or not) has the ability to pick up the dialogue edit session and is able to seamlessly integrate sound design into the same environments where the actors are placed.


Sound Design

The sound design teams we work with are masters at their craft, and are regularly used for film, TV, and video games outside their work with MEP, Dagaz Media and Pocket Universe Productions.

Sound design can be as simple as adding texture and mood to a single-voiced recording. It can also mean painstakingly recording individual sound effects and manipulating real-world objects to create a completely immersive story world that feels like a movie.

Thanks to producer Fred Greenhalgh’s travel bug, we also have access to location recordings from across the globe.


Distribution / Promo Strategy

Have a project that needs a home? Need to understand your monetization options? Leverage our experience and relationships in the podcast and audiobooks space to help find the best distribution and promo partner for your project.


Commercial Voiceover Recording and Production

From radio and television spots to corporate e-learning, we’ve got you covered.


Vocal Recording

Choose from a variety of room, microphone and processing options for laying down vocals for your next song.