The health and safety of our team and the visiting artists we work with is our highest priority (that and making exceptional audio products!).

Here is a list of our current practices to ensure we meet, and exceed, the state-level requirements for operating a safe business:

  • Daily sanitization of door handles and common areas.
  • Sanitization and ventilation of booth areas between sessions.
  • Space out productions and keep productions to minimum cast/crew size.
    • Minimum time between same-day sessions: 2 hours
    • Max capacity in facility: 4 performers, 2 crew
  • All performers and crew who feel sick or exhibit Covid-related symptoms are required to stay at home, no exceptions.
  • Mask coverings are required when arriving and at moving within common spaces in the Studio. Mask coverings obviously cannot be used when inside a recording booth.
  • Cast and crew required to frequently wash hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer, which is provided on-premises.
  • Any adjustments to microphone position are conducted by talent with vocal instruction from engineer.
  • Outside guests are not allowed, or kept to a strict minimum. Guest producers can use phone/Zoom/Skype to communicate with talent.
  • For performers who are uncomfortable visiting our physical facility, we are making accommodations for remote recording, such as deploying USB audio kits and utilizing home recording set-ups.

Together, we can produce great work and stay safe! Thank you for wanting to work with us and for understanding our health and safety guidelines.